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When purchasing a vehicle from us we require a $500 deposit to process the sale and hold the vehicle. Upon inspecting the vehicle, the deposit is FULLY REFUNDABLE if the customer is unsatisfied with the condition of the car. Also, if a customer applies for finance and their application is refused their deposit will be returned to them.

At Nippon Motors we pride ourselves in being a one stop destination for all your car needs. We not not just import vehicles, we offer numerous other services such as

  • General Vehicle Services
  • Fluid inspection
  • Tow bar installation
  • Head unit English conversion
  • Tire Swap
  • Body Kit installation

Once you have found a car that you are interested in via our website or other advertising platforms you can either book a test drive on our booking application online or you can call us on 0297560203 to book your test drive.

At Nippon motors, we understand that not everyone has the time to come to our dealership hence why we offer free shipping to all major cities in Australia. If you are located in a remote area or not near a major city then charges will apply. Call us or email us today for a quote on shipping if you are not located near a major city.

Can I track my vehicle while its being shipped?

Yes. Once a booking for shipment is made a tracking number will be provided so that you may know exactly where your vehicle is and when it will arrive.

At Nippon Imports we service every vehicle before we hand it over to its new owner. We advise customers to service their vehicles every 6 months or every 10,000 kms. This ensures that your car runs smoothly and safely for longer periods of time.

To book a service you can visit our “book a service” page on our website or you can simply call us on 0297560203 and we will book you in at your nearest convenience.

At Nippon imports, we pride ourselves in having the best after sales care team. We do not just want to sell you a car we also want to ensure that if any issues arise down the track we are able to fix it. Having said that, we consider ourselves specialist in Japanese imports and have all the parts readily available in our workshops to fix any issues that may come about in the future.

Where do you source your vehicles from?

We have an office in Japan and agents that are working around the clock to source the highest quality of cars from all the major auction houses and dealerships in Japan. Our agents also inspect the vehicles before they are shipped to guarantee that there is no rust or other underlying issues.

We have most parts readily available. If we do not have the part, we will first try to source it locally from other car models that use similar parts. If we cannot source the parts locally we will source it from Japan.

We are open 7 days a week from 9am to 5:30 pm

We have an inhouse financing team committed to offering cutomers the most competitive rates on the market. Please call us today on 0297560203 to discuss our options further.

If the price listed on our website contains the notation “Drive away price” then government charges are included in the price. However, if the notation is not included then the price is a EGC price which excludes government costs.

What does you warranty cover?

We offer a 5 year warranty on our vehicles. The warranty covers all major parts which include:

  • Engine
  • Gearbox
  • Differential
  • Turbo Charger
  • Cooling System
  • Air conditioning
  • Fuel System
  • Brakes
  • Electrical
  • Steering
  • Clutch

At Nippon Motors, we are committed to providing all our customers with the best value for money. We love satisfying our customers and working within their budget. Even though our vehicle prices are the most competitive on the market, there is room to negotiate within reason to close a deal and give our customers what they want. 

Please call us on 0297560203 and we will direct your call to the workshop where one of our mechanics will be able to assist with your enquiries.

Your feedback is extremely important. At Nippon imports we continuously strive to better ourselves in every aspect. If you think that there are any avenues we can improve on please submit a feedback form so we can take your feedback on board.

All our vehicles come with 1 year roadside assistance. Please call the towing service and provide them with your registration number and tow the car to our workshop where our mechanics can assess the issue.

We get asked this question very frequently. There are a few reasons why many cars in japan have very low mileage regardless of their age.

The first reason being the “shaken” system. This is a mandatory rigorous inspection and certification requirement that every car must go through before being allowed on the road. The older a car becomes in Japan, the more expensive it becomes to keep on the road. Because of this, Japanese car owners tend to swap out their cars relatively early.

The second reason a lot of Japanese cars have low mileage is because of the incentives that are provided to purchase a new vehicle. Interest rates on brand new vehicles are close to 0% which provides an incentive to purchase new cars.

Another major reason is due to the public transportation system in Japan. The Japanese public transport system is world renowned for its availability and efficiency. The Japanese rely on this public transport system as a primary means of travel rather than use their cars on a daily basis.

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